Post-Operative Instructions

  1. Take it easy today. The more your body can use its energy to heal itself, the faster you will recover. No exercise or strenuous activity.
  2. Take pain medication (if any are prescribed) before the anesthetic wears off. Always try to take pain medication with food to prevent stomach upset. Follow instructions given on the label and if you have any questions, call the office or the doctor’s cell number immediately. If you are having stomach upset, hives or other complications, stop taking medicines immediately and phone the doctor; or if severe complications occur, go to the emergency room.
  3. If antibiotic prescriptions were given to you, take them as directed to help decrease Infection. Any questions or complications should be treated as above.
  4. Keep an ice pack on the area that was treated today. Ice packs should be used as Follows: 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off for a minimum of 3 hours. Once the ice packs have been off for more than 2 hours discontinue using them.
  5. Keep biting on the gauze for at least 1-3 hours. This helps form a stable blood clot and it should be a sufficient amount of time. You want to avoid changing gauze too often especially if the bleeding has slowed so that you don’t start the area to bleed again. If you are having excessive bleeding (bright red) phone the doctor immediately. If bleeding continues wet a regular tea bag, place it over the surgical site and bite on it for at least 30 minutes. (The tannic acid in tea helps to promote clotting.)
  6. DO NOT: spit, smoke, suck through straws, rinse your mouth or brush for at least 24 hours in order to help form a stable clot.
  7. After 24 hours, you can begin brushing your teeth, taking care not to traumatize the Area. You can also begin a GENTLE warm water rinse of your mouth up to 3 times per day to cleanse the surgical site.

If you have any questions, complications, excessive bleeding or discomfort, contact Dr. Jenn at:
Office (719)545-5213 or Cell (719)406-5302